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My Golden Days at Kardan University

Writer: Bilal Wardak English Department Alumni

Every time I remember my educational journey at Kardan University, I get transported to that time again and feel nostalgic. It makes me happy for the beautiful reminiscences and sad that this chapter has passed; it will never repeat. I have so many good memories from Kardan University. When I walked in for the first time to Kardan’s Taimani branch in September 2013 to study the DEL program, it was an entirely new place for me, and like every other student, even I took some time to adjust. But with every passing day, it started to become an integral and indeed the most beautiful phase of my life. From being alone to be a part of fun-loving people, many of my fellow students became my close friends.

We spent countless pleasant moments in classrooms and cafes and outside the campus; the transition was excellent. There were many unforgettable personalities among our teachers. Still, some were inspiring and excellent, like Sayed Saleem Sadaat, Khalid Adeel, Mansoor Wazir, Noorullah Alizada, Gheyas Sadaat, Arif Zazai, and Mohammad Asif Najibi. They transformed the way I see the world and gives me the clarity to stick to things that matter. While studying the DEL program at Kardan, I was enraptured with the idea of studying abroad and experiencing a new culture until winning the Indian Government Scholarship in 2015 to study at Bangalore University, India.

As it is said, “Happy times come and go, but memories stay forever.” Kardan played an essential role in becoming more who I am today. It wasn’t just a place to learn; I found a community filled with new people and have new experiences. A place where I made friends for a long and learned important lessons about life: I feel lucky to have studied at such a reputable and renowned educational institution.

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