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A Tribute

writer: Mariam Rahman Student of BCS department

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the operation of educational institutions of both public and private sectors in our society. The majority of institutions got caught off guard succumb to the massive pressure presented by the ongoing crisis. In contrast, institutions like Kardan University embraced the challenge and turned it into an opportunity by introducing online education, creative learning, and teaching methodology.

These institutions rise to the challenges to make a place within the destruction brought about by the Coronavirus. Imagine for a second you are running all your classes in person one day, and then the next day you are told you have to deliver all these instructions online. You need exceptionally bright and intelligent people to provide tremendous support and practical means to accomplish this vision. Ms. Meena Rahmani, Vice-Chancellor, Academic Affairs at Kardan University, is one of those visionary individuals who managed the situation quite well.  

Given the critical situation,  all undergraduate and graduate degree programs had to be converted to an online format within a short period. Besides, the regular communications and provision of learning support to over 5000 students and meeting their educational expectations is overwhelming.

Ms. Rahmani, in collaboration with the University’s dedicated teams, made sure that education is accessible to all students with practical solutions for those with poor internet connectivity. The academics team conducted a broad range of online sessions, including daily live classes, discussion forums, virtual contests, training, workshops, lab tests, and guest speaker sessions.

Carrying the title of innovation and demonstrating original and creative thinking in real-time are two different things. Kardan University’s leadership took the initiative and foresight to bring these visions to life in the toughest of circumstances to emerge even stronger.  

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