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My Internship Experience  

Writer: Kazim Daqiqi Student of BCS department

By the time I graduated from Habibia High School in 1398, I had started searching for the best university to apply for my higher education. Finally, I applied for the Computer Science Department at the vibrant University of Kardan University. 

After some time, I applied for the Internship opportunity at Kardan University as a Social Media Intern. Fortunately, I have been selected for this position and started my first steps towards developing my career path. Kardan University’s internship course is an excellent opportunity to build my career, work on my professional development. This internship opportunity taught me the key points to achieve my personal and professional goals in life. This internship is a golden chance to improve my career field skills and put a solid step in the job market.

Furthermore, Kardan University’s internship program helped me practice and improve my industry skills while learning how to do my job as well as mastering my soft skills such as communication, punctuality, and time management.  

In addition to that, this internship program is a golden chance for me to build my self-confidence in the workplace, work harder and with passion, and take challenges and go outside of my comfort zone.

 Moreover, this internship program helped me build my occupational network, an essential resource for an intern. Building a working network community allows me to make concise decisions regarding my career and connect myself with more professional organizations and working opportunities, leading me towards success in my career path.

Finally, by starting my internship experience as a Social Media Intern at Kardan University, I decided for my career growth because Kardan University is a community of professionals where I can learn essential and critical points from them every day anytime.  I am grateful for being part of this professional community. 

Kardan is the place to nurture the talents of Afghanistan’s elite.

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