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I am grateful

writer: Nabila Haidari  student of BPSIR department

I am grateful for Kardan University’s Management for never letting us down and providing us the necessary support during these challenging times. We are going through a troubling situation and the partial lockdown presented by COVID-19; however, our spirits are still high, as we pursue our lessons online. Even during the lockdown, we do not feel apart from each other and the University. Online classes are very beneficial to many people in many ways – as far as we students are concerned, the online courses have helped us avoid coming in contact with the virus, and have helped us continue our lessons. We go merely long into our LMS portal and get the necessary study materials for each lecture.

Moreover, online classes help save our valuable time wasted in commuting to the University. We can study from home even if we are not feeling so well. Using this facility, we can listen to our lecturers’ recordings as many times as we want. I want to thank Mr. Jalaly, our Department Administrator, my respected lecturers, and Kardan University, for providing us the opportunity to continue our studies online amid these challenging times. 

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